Even if most Cats never get a vote, I never see why we ought to not have an opinion.

I'm leaning towards Albo. Yes, I know what you might be thinking. All these mawkish aphorisms:"My function is usually to fight the Tories, I was brung up by a single mum in a housing commission flat best replica cartier watches , I desire to be remembered as an infrastructure PM."

And, yes, he was responsible for some appalling policies while in government eg. the shipping policy which was just yet another kind of government-aided extortion by the MUA.

But, all up, he appears a far more straightforward and genuine candidate than the slimey, let's interfer with everyone's lives using taxpayer funds, Bill.

And did not you simply really like .. not .. Bill's reply to the question he setup:what kind of PM he would like to be? He sounded like a 11 year student attending Youth UN Week. Yes, he would prefer to be a Prime Minister for the Disadvantaged. Pleease.

This would be exactly the same individual who spent most of his time as Workplace Relations Minister attempting to bolster the energy from the trade union movement via outrageous legislative modifications and appointments. But in accordance with his logic, trade unions represent the disadvantaged, the powerless. Double PLEEASE. The CFMEU? The MUA? The AMWU? The ETU?

And for all those unions that represent decrease paid workers, they run off with unions' dues - HSU, Australian Solutions Union. Just one or two undesirable apples, in accordance with Bill.

Hyprocrisy aside, the thing about Bill that seriously gets my goat is all that faux compassion along with the notion that the federal government must get involved.

Take domestic violence as an instance. Triple PLEEASE. This can be a matter for the states and frequently the police.

What does Bill have in thoughts? cartier watch replicas A further federal agency - COMBATING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COMMISSION replicas cartier ? that would have a board with lots of Labor mates and would put out unread (indeed unreadable) reports telling us that domestic violence is often a poor factor, but that the genuine reason for domestic violence is revenue inequality and economic rationalism. You'll be able to predict it now.

And now we've got an additional wheeze from Bill.

"There are a lot of people today around the disability assistance pension who wish to operate and who've the capability to operate if they are adequately supported," Mr Shorten told The Australian.

"I believe a national rehabilitation approach should be explored to make sure that every single Australian, including those on the disability assistance pension cartier replica , benefits in the dignity and satisfaction of operate."

Under Mr Shorten's proposal, injured workers on the disability assistance pension or living on workers' compensation payouts would be provided with individually tailored assistance to recognize the barriers to re-entering the workforce.

Come off it, mate. Again, this really is an area which the states control. But this really is Bill's pondering. THE NATIONAL WORKERS REHABILITATION COMMISSION, ditto above, but this time employing caseworkers at vast expense towards the taxpayer.


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